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Premium Bonuses

01. ($1500 Value)

Free Custom Ad Design

We will Design/Redesign your Ad Copy. We will also change your Ad Design every month to catch the attention of readers, all for free

02. ($300 Value)

Free Advertorial Article Writing

Advertorials are a major key to Reader Retention and Our major Secret Key to arresting the homeowner’s interest to read and keep our paper thereby increasing the shelf life of our paper and ‘discoverability’ of our clients’ Ads. We will help you write a great article copy to advertise your product/service. This is the major BENEFIT of our Newspaper over traditional Postcards that end up in TRASH, even without the benefit of “OPENING”.

03. ($16 Value)

Free Relevant Domain Name

We will Register and manage a new Relevant Domain name for you Ad Campaign with us.

04. ($1500 Value)

Free Sales Promo Campaign Website

We will Build and Host a Free Sales Promo Website for you Ad Campaign with us. This Will display your sales pitch. It will Redirect users to your Shopping Cart (Your real Website)

05. ($500 Value)

Free Opt-In List Builder

We will Include an Opt-In List Builder on the Campaign Website to build a List of Double Opt-In Subscribers to enable you sell your products and services to them with an email campaign.

06. ($2500 Value)

Free Mobile App

We will Build and Host Mobile Apps (Android/Apple) for your Campaign Promo

07. ($100 Value)

Free Toll-Free Numbers

We will Setup Free Toll-Free Numbers to Track, Monitor and analyse the Performance of your Ads with us. You can chose between Local numbers, Toll-free numbers; 800, 888, 877, 844 etc and Vanity Numbers; 1-800-YOUR-CAMPAIGN***, 1-888-BUY-NOW*** (***Bring your own vanity number) etc.

08. ($500 Value)

Free Product Listing on Free Classifieds Sites

We will Help you List your Ad; products and Services on online Marketplaces like Craigslist, Facebook, OfferUp, LetGo etc

09. ($100 Value)

Free SEO/SEM Services

We will conduct SEO and SEM for your campaign website for free

10. ($200 Value)

Free Featured Ad Listing on our Online Newspaper Pages

We will List your Ads and Advertorials on our Online Newspaper Pages

11. ($800 Value)

Free Periodic Business Networking Dinner

Free ticket to our Periodic (Quarterly) Business Networking Dinner and an opportunity for Corporate Presentation

12. ($200 Value)

Free Google Analytics Tracking and Reporting

Call tracking in Google Analytics gives a complete view of how your marketing efforts are performing. You can use the goals you create in Google Analytics to import your keyword pool calls to AdWords and track call conversions. Once your account is integrated with Google Analytics, you’re able to:

  • Track calls and text messages within your Google Analytics account.
  • See calls and text messages alongside other conversions you’re tracking.
  • Gain a holistic view of what drives your website visitors to call your business.