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***The Rates are all discounted for EASTER SALES PROMO! No codes needed. and the free BONUSES take effect as soon as you make full payment for your investment/subscription


  1. The Promo prices are temporary.
  2. Annual Investments secures/seals the ad space for 12 months minimum, until the advertiser unsubscribes, then the ad space will be released to the public
  3. We own the rights to all the free BONUSES and only lease them to you while your annual investment/subscription is active
  4. Your Bonuses will be canceled and deleted as soon as you cancel your annual subscription. Some transferable bonuses may be re-assigned to new active subscribers/investors
  5. If an advertiser completes at least 12 months of Investment with us, we can then transfer the rights to all the free Bonuses on request
  6. BUT if an advertiser decides to cancel a subscription before the 12 months, then we can negotiate a buyout and transfer of rights to any free bonus.
  7. If a month-to-month subscriber wishes to GET the Free Bonuses, extra fees apply. We can negotiate and create another subscription based on the Bonuses bundle.
  8. We are ready to negotiate a Custom Plan to meet the needs of any advertiser
  9. We will not be held liable for mistakes and errors on your ads and advertorials. Please make sure that you proofread articles and sign/confirm all graphic designs before publication
  10. We will never be held accountable for misconceptions on your ads. Please kindly avoid misleading ads. Make sure your ads are in compliance with the Laws of The State of Florida and the United States of America
  11. Accepting your ads on our Newspaper does not mean we Endorse your Products or Services
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