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The #Trump Wall!  “A person who thinks only about building walls, wherever they may be, and not building bridges, is not Christian. This is not in the Gospel. As far as what you said about whether I would advise to vote or not to vote, I am not going to get involved in that. I say only that this man is not Christian if he has said things like that.” — Pope Francis

In recent times the whole world has been struck with constant mention of The Wall; The Trump Wall. Many have also come up to condemn the idea and plan including the Pope of Rome. Many lawmakers have fought to foil this plan which the President calls it a matter of national security. We have heard of many who have also condemned the Wall and ask for the #President to build Bridges instead of Walls. These people never understand the meanings of Walls and Bridges and do not understand the differences between them.

This article will closely define a wall and a bridge, compare and contrast between both and then apply the wisdom from the Bible to the problem. The #Pope condescended so low as to get involved in partisan politics by condemning a man who is trying to protect his children from harm and abuse by others. The Vatican itself is surrounded by giant walls. Does it make the Pope unchristian?


Let us define a Wall in a layman’s terms; A Wall is simply any barrier designed to provide access control to a precious location or item. It is not limited to a physical wall but also applies to any object that covers or restricts access to anything. Walls may include but not limited to:

  1. Border walls between countries; these protect the boundaries between countries to avoid conflict between them. If there is none, strong men can take over the lands and properties of their neighboring countries thereby creating war.

  2. Fence for homes; Fences restrict unauthorized access into private properties. Comparing burglary reports from private homes with or without fences, you will realize that homes with fences have fewer break-ins.

  3. Doors in buildings; doors are used to protect rooms with important items in a home or building. Why do you think we lock our doors behind us if not to protect our belongings from the public. We even lock our refrigerator! The Bank is a location where we have so many treasures that belong to other people. We keep our money and special items in the bank because we believe it is highly secured.

  4. Clothes; we wear clothes to cover our precious body parts and restrict access to them. It’s a crime to touch a lady’s body especially the parts covers with a dress without her consent. Even a hug and smelling of her hair has now become a crime of invading a personal private space!

  5. Passwords; passwords are used to restrict access to our precious computer and software applications, cell phones etc We never share our passwords, and we hide our credit cards from the public to avoid intrusions. We even hide our Social Security Numbers from the world.

  6. Firewall; This includes both hardware and software that protects the Computer Server from hackers.

  7. Any effort to cover, hide or protect something from others is considered a Wall.

  8. The Secret Service is a Wall; it protects government secrets from the public eyes and ears and any effort to steal government secrets is a crime.

  9. Codes; some codes are used by the military to communicate between installations in a way no one can understand.

  10. Locks; Even after we install doors, we still need locks to completely secure any location or device.


How then do we consider a Wall as #‘immoral’ or ‘unchristian’ when we now understand that a wall is any barrier and it applies to many aspects of our lives. The wall secures and protects a location or device that we love and want to restrict access to such. If it is “immoral” to build walls to protect a nation’s borders, is it also immoral to have fences in our homes, doors in our homes and cars or wear clothes to cover our nakedness? Or have we suddenly reversed the meaning of the word ‘immoral’?


What correlation has a Wall with one’s faith? Churches have walls, fences, doors and locks and it’s still a christian church. Why then do we all fight to prevent this national border wall. We should all remember all Walls are Walls and offer same functions. Anyone who opposes The Wall should answer these questions first;

  1. Do you sleep within walls (in a room)?

  2. Do you have a fence in your yard?

  3. Do you have a door to your house or room?

  4. Do you lock your doors?

  5. Do you have and use keys?

  6. Do you have passwords to your email accounts?

  7. Do you have wear clothes to cover your private parts?

If you say yes to any of the questions above, then you have no business opposing the building of any Wall. We should put politics aside and face real life situations. A border wall can never be immoral or unchristian. The Trump border wall does not and will not in any way harm anybody. It will help lessen the burden of the border patrol officers and those living close to the border that face trouble daily.


In part 2, we will define bridges. The Wall or The Bridge: To build or not to build. Part 2